3 inches of snow and I’m still off to work!
Head to toes:
Topshop bobble hat
Tesco blouse
Dorothy Perkins necklace
Miss selfridge jeans
And my wellies will also be on for outside! Brrr



Day 36 +about a million!

I got new shoes so decided I had to post them! Out for drinks after work too, so fancy-ish shoes are acceptable!



Day 35

Leaving drinks after work for my 2 closest work friend’s 😦 so im Wearing my Urban outfitters pink skirt and top (I got them at the same time cos I was so proud of how well they went together!!) and my leather jacket for when it gets chilly later!!


Day 34

Gloomy day in London and l have to look forward to is the doctors tonight!!! I’ve dresses fittingly for the weather in a red and cream stripey shirt, brown leather jacket, my dark jeans and tapestry brogues- a nice comfy outfit!


Day 33

I realised today that I can’t let my summer stuff get forgotten now autumn is here, so I’ve cracked out my flowery maxi and covered it with a black jumper and a belt!


Day 32

The weather is crisp, sunny and autumn chilly today; just how I like my winter weather! I’m wearing a pale shirt with a black tube skirt and my brown brogues- didn’t feel too dressy today!


Day 31

Popping to the shop outfit after getting home and changed after getting caught in the rain!!
Wearing a mickey mouse shirt, leather jacket, black jeans and converses! Dont like these jeans much though so I’ll have to get new ones for winter!


Day 31

Today I’m having a big london adventure! Theres an event called Open house London where different buildings are open to te public, so I’m heading out solo but hoping friend’s will join me later!
I’m recycling an outfit from the week which is a bit scrubby, but I love my long skirt and I need to wear it plenty before proper rainy winter comes! I’m wearing my mum’s 70s flannel vest instead of a shirt though!


Day 30

Was supposed to be going for drinks after work but sadly my friend’s are working late, so just another day! Although it’s a fridAy so only the weekend sitting ahead of me!
I’m wearing my charity shop blouse with a lacy top under, purple cardigan and my favourite grey jeans.
Ive also lost one of my owl earrings and one of my White rose earings so I’m mourning them today!!


Day 29

Cracked out a dress I used to wear tons today! A day of work and nothing else, so it’s my Tk maxx rabbit dress! The fabric is little bunnies with pink bows, but I think they look like backpacks!!


And I just wore my skinny plaited brown belt, grey leggings and brown dolly shoes