Day 21

Today I’m meeting my trendy friend’s after work so I wanted to dress up! So I’m wearing my topshop peach pleated skirt, h&m cat jumper, a primark belt, my brand new (bought last night!) leather jacket and my tapestry brogues, and I’m using my urban outfitters bag thy desperately needs a clean!



Day 20

Back to work after the bank holiday! The weather’s not great in London so im wearing one of my favourite thinner jumpers which is black with White dots, a blue skirt and my standard brogues!!


Day 19

Yesterday was a relaxed day of slow creeping hangovers! But then I very last minute to tag along on a camping trip with my friends to rallycross in Kent, so i threw on a tshirt, jeans, converses and my favourite pink hollister hoodie! And then today for the actual rally day I opted for denim shorts with tights and a chequed shirt with a pale pink tank under, and my converses! Was a good choice until the sun went in and I had to huddle under a blanket with my friend!


Day 17: evening

Heading out for a work friend’s birthday, we’re going to a vegan restaurant called Saf and then to a club called the Book Club!
So I’m wearing a floral dress and wedges from New Look and my urban outfitters smart cardi! And assorted jewellery and I actually painted my nails for once, to math my vintage bag!


Day 17: cleaning again!

A day of finishing moving rooms for me and then cleaning and tidying everywhere before the new housemates move in today! So I’ve opted for my Jean shorts again and my old All Time Low shirt that lives with all my other house only shirts that will one day be useful for painting a house or Something!


Day 16

A day of rearranging and cleaning our house ready for our new housemates meant starting the day in my pink joggers, my beautifully tie dyes shirt from summer camp and my slippers!


However, I got way too hot half way through the day and changed into my jean shorts and a customised shirt from Cardiff Uni! And of course my trusty converses, until we got the carpets cleaned and then it was socks all the way!


Day 15

After work I’m meeting my friend Sam for food and some drinks, and as this is always the nicest part of the day weather-wise, I’ve put on my flowery summer blouse, grey cardigan and pale jeans.
My accessories are exciting because I’ve got on my Polly Pocket necklace I’ve had since I was a kid and we used to play with and pretend was a time machine! I’ve also cracked out my pink pumps to break out of my brown or black shoe cycle!


Day 14

Another kinda gloomy morning in London so i threw on my leopard print jumper, a black skirt and blazer, tights and my brogues. Then it wasn’t so gloomy in the afternoon so I was not appropriately dressed!!


Day 13

I have definitely proved to myself that I’m useless at keeping a blog going!! Yesterday London was horribly rainy, so I dressed appropriately in my charity shop shirt, jeans, blazer and converses- my only waterproof shoes!!


Day 7

I forgot to take a photo yesterday because I had to be on time to work So I could leave on time to go and meet my sister and see Bruno Mars (which was so much fun!!)

I was wearing my floaty Dorothy Perkins floaty flowery top, a black skirt and my tapestry brogues- a perfect gig outfit!

This is me and my sister in the gig: