Day 28

Nothing special happening today, but felt like looking nice so I’ve put on my grey and red urban outfitters dress, h&m blazer and dorothy Perkins shoes



Day 28

Going out for drinks and food with one of my Uni friends tonight so I wanted to look hip and londony!!
So I’m wearing a basic pale striped shirt, peach pleated skirt, a skinny brown belt and my comfy brown flats.


Day 27

A weird weather day starting out really cold and getting warm at the end! So I’m wearing my navy blue pleated primark skirt, my mum’s vibyage 70’s top and some plain pumps!


Day 26

Going on a work trip today and I’m excited! I love tripS anwyhwrre! I’m Going to the big warehouse to find out all about how it works! So I’m kinda casual in light jeans, polka dot Peter pan collar shirt and my brown leather jacket I’ve had for about 5 years!!


Day 25

Just another gloomy London day, so I’m wearing my animals of Canada shirt, a bluet green skirt, my leather jacket and my brogues!


Day 24

I’ve lost track of how I was numbering days, so I’ll just number it for each day I remember To do it!!
Today was just a usual Monday of going back to work (very nearly wrote school for some reason!) in a very blustery London. I wore my new black maxi skirt, I’m not sure what the texturing of it’s called! And I had on a White tank top and a dusky pink t-shirt I got ages ago from Motel in bristol, and of course my tapestry brogues!!


Day 23

The weather us supposed to be lovely today in london, but sadly I have work! But After work me and my sister are going for food and then going to see an awful but amazing film called The Room!
So I’m wearing my pink urban outfitters skirt with a black shirt and my office sandals (the only nice ones ever to fit me!) and my leather jacket for the evening chill!


Day 22

I have drinks after work today for someone’s leaving do, so I’m wearing my monsoon purple gradient top, my old favourite jeans from Wet Seal that I’ve only just decided to bring back into usage, my urban outfitters black smart shoes and my beautiful leather jacket!


Day 21

Today I’m meeting my trendy friend’s after work so I wanted to dress up! So I’m wearing my topshop peach pleated skirt, h&m cat jumper, a primark belt, my brand new (bought last night!) leather jacket and my tapestry brogues, and I’m using my urban outfitters bag thy desperately needs a clean!


Day 20

Back to work after the bank holiday! The weather’s not great in London so im wearing one of my favourite thinner jumpers which is black with White dots, a blue skirt and my standard brogues!!